The African men’s vest is one of the staples of fashion these days. There are so many ways to wear it, so it’s a must have for any wardrobe.

What is a male vest?




The vest is a sort of half coat often worn under a suit coat also known as a waistcoat. In the past, it was a preserve of the mature gentleman. You probably have seen it worn by the older generation complete with a hat and sometimes even a pocket watch. Since fashion, like history, repeats itself, the vest is now in fashion again. Look around, and you will see it worn in different stylish ways in formal and casual wear.

The African men’s vest is simple, elegant and easy to dress up or down in a variety of ways. A good vest can set off a good suit. It also allows you to take off the suit jacket when it gets hot and still maintain your crisp formal look. One good thing about the vest is that it emphasizes the broad shoulders while hiding any unflattering areas around the waist or stomach. So the African men’s vest is an essential item for any fashionable man’s wardrobe because it’s a great fit for people of all sizes and shapes.

Picking the right vest

A good vest has to tick off a few boxes;

- It should fit properly and cover your shoulder areas properly. Have you seen people wearing a waistcoat with a shirt bulging off the shoulder in an oversize manner? That’s not a good look!

- The sides of the vest should hit the belt area. Don’t get a vest that looks like a tube top because it hangs off your tummy and doesn’t reach the waist.

- Make sure that when buttoned up the vest is not tight and that it fits just right. If it’s too tight, it will not flatter your shape.

Vest available in exciting colors and prints


In the past waistcoats were traditionally made using dark colors just like suits. Now that fashion is breaking formal boundaries; vests come in a variety of colors and fabric. A good example is the African print men’s vest that is made using a variety of colorful African prints and materials such as Ankara. It’s an interesting way of bringing some color to your formal wear. It also makes your outfit standout if you choose to wear the vest in a casual setting.

Different ways that men can wear our African men’s vest

Suits get stuffy, but you can loosen up and go casual by leaving the suit jacket at home. For example, when you are going out for cocktails or lunch put on a vest over a crisp shirt for a great casual outfit. Our African print fabric men’s vest is an excellent choice because the print makes you stand out especially when worn with a white or black shirt. The colors in the African print are attractive and will go well with any basic colored suit you own. You can even get a tie bow tie of similar material and a pocket square to keep your look sharp and exciting.


If you want to ditch the suit altogether, then you can always wear the African men’s vest with jeans. A well-fitting pair of slim jeans, paired with a crisp shirt and a vest is a casual yet sharp look that will have you turning heads. Complete the outfit with a good quality belt, shoes, and a stylish timepiece, and you have a great smart casual look to grace any informal setting.

Can women wear men’s vest?

The best thing about the vest is that women can also wear it. Ladies, if you are looking for an interesting way to brighten your outfit for a formal or casual occasion - try a vest. It’s a great way to emphasize the waist.

As a woman, there are so many ways to dress up or dress down a vest. You can pair it with a pencil skirt over a crisp blouse, and a stylish scarf tied around your neck. You can also pull off Janelle Monae's androgynous look and wear a vest as part of a suit for a formal occasion. The African men’s vest also works perfectly with shorts over a simple tee for a casual outfit you can wear to the beach or out shopping.

The African men’s vest is no longer an antique piece of fashion. It’s now one of the many trending clothing items you must have in your wardrobe. So why not purchase one today!