Now, wait a minute! If you don’t own African print dresses In 2020, then you should think twice about that. Because let’s face it, the styles of African dresses are the current trending in fashion.

The African style dresses that are popping up are all so beautiful and elegant. The vibrant colors of the African prints also known as the Ankara print or kitenge prints produce the most stylish fashion pieces.

The colors of the print dresses make it easy to get accessories to match with the style.

1. J815 Infinity Maxi Dress

The choice is yours with the infinite ways to style your maxi dress. Such an easy way to stretch your dollar one outfit at a time. P.S: This infinity style makes the perfect prom dress too. The infinity style and seductive neckline will make you the hottest chica in town.

What about rock it in classical dashiki print?

2. XQ040 Maxi Evening Dress

What’s not to love about this maxi dress? Get ready to look like a queen in this gorgeous African dress. This beauty will make this your go-to summer dress this season.

3. XQ014 Diamand Midi Dress

4. AM044 Bell Sleeve Dress

African dresses are a piece of art. And while we’re at it, let’s take a moment to admire the reversed box pleats, bell sleeves of this African print dress. And if you ask me, I’d say the colors, patterns, and style of this midi dress is everything and then some!

5. SP3465 African Print Bikini Set

Classical kente match with chiffon, rock this on the beach, be the shinest women !!

6. J001 Dashiki Maxi Skirt

Instead of always be the dancing queen, sometimes we just want to enjoy daily life, get this maxi skirt, match it with any top, you made it!!


I love African dresses for a variety of reasons; one of which is the youthful feeling that comes with wearing dresses. The diversity in dress styles is another vital excuse to shop for African dresses. The ease of slipping into the one-piece clothing, and lastly the richness in the African print I know I cannot get anywhere else.